In a perilous world where the great have fallen, civilization is balanced between renewal and being snuffed out for millennia.

A new force has crashed ashore in northern Tir’Nan’Og, with steel, technology and a lust for conquest.

How will the Bronze Age tribesmen and stultified religious city-states react? Can the Corithians be stirred to anger in time to bring it’s disciplined forces to bear? Will the violent huscarls of Midgard join the invaders to vike or provide a shield to Aztlan and Geb?

What are the implications when a vigorous band of young heroes responds with ire to the sack of sacred sites…

ps. 1. the technology is crossbows, katana, steel laminate armour and ninjitsu type stuff, not gunpowder or industrialisation

2. I don’t intend this campain to be a big war, rather dungeons, raids, quests, diplomacy, a skirmish or 2 when you can’t avoid it and maybe a massive climatic battle or 2 in the conan or elric style.

Now a little flavor from the world


Flowers and obsidian bladed maces. Wet, dense jungle. Bloody pointless sacrifice, awe & divinity


Pyramids and slaves with koplesh. Hot sandy desert. Thirst, necromancy, stagnation

Each of these cultures are large and use their surroundings to provide a natural defense.


Woad and spears. Warp-spasm, druidic and bardic support, the fey-realm. Marshy, mystic, primal


Chain-shirts and axes. Beserkers, courageous seamen. Bitter cold, rage, handed down steel


Horsehair plumes and fitted bronze plate. White marble pantheon, Disciplined, idealistic, serried ranks

These cultures are a lot smaller and exposed to outside dangers- titans, giants, other sea-farers

Please go to the wiki page for more info

First Session, Character Generation

What is your background? how does your character start “adventuring”? What did your character do to earn a crust/survive/prosper before taking to adventure? For example, Are you a professional or amateur? training or natural talent?

A wizard- your training is in magic, you are not expected to do anything except magic? If you were a sorcerer, a natural mage, you might have thought you would grow up to be a farmer…

Warriors might be part of standing armies, professional entertainers (gladiator), bodyguards, guards of holy sites, muscle for or against the law, such as it might be. Or you might just be a very tough butcher.

What sort of environment did you grow up in. A rogue in a marshland might just be a sneaky trapper of eels and birds. A rogue in a city might be a footpad, a second story man or card shark.

So far we seem to have.. A Warden (goliath?) A Rogue (?race?) A Minotaur (Fighter, Barbarian, Warlord?) A Shaman A Wizard


How do you know 2 of the other players? In rough terms at the moment we have a fey wizard, a minotaur with a greataxe, a shaman descended from wolves, a dangerous rogue and a mystical nature guardian.

I know “the minotaur and I are mates” is easy but try something with a bit of texture. “I buy a peppery black cheese from the minotaur every 2 moons and once swapped him a silver comb to get the ticks from between his horns”. Now the minotaur can decide where the black cheese comes from and whether the comb was a good deal.


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