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Please note you could come from anywhere, this is just to give some ideas and consistency. Races If you have a character idea that transcends existing cultural references, that’s great, go for it, we’ll write it into the world.


Some gear listed by region Gear to give you an idea.


The Gods are out of deities and demigods, not player’s handbook, so you will need a list of the Gods of Arcanus Pantheons

Pre-history of Arcanus

Or what sort of Ancient ruins you can expect to find in a given area. You should probably only read remember this if you are going have a character trained in history with an intelligence bonus. Otherwise please forget after reading :p. I was going to hide it but I thought it might give folks a feeling for the setting.

Some notes on character creation.

As a general rule I will be sticking to the core rules. If I find something particularly appropriate in the Eberron or Forgotten Realms material I will use it. For example, the Swordmage from forgotten realms seems to fit the “Gish” warrior types of the the Githyanki. If you find something in the Dragon magazines, Eberron or Forgotten Realms material that suits your character build, no problems, we’ll use it. That said, with a bit of re-skinning it should be possible to use Players handbook to make just about anything.


The Minotaur Paladin (Grey guard) +(Chosen)

The Warden Goliath

Accaila, Shifter Shaman (World Serpent Disciple) +(Primal Avatar)

Lucia, Human Rogue +(assassin)

Imizael, Eldarin Wizard (Rimecaller) +(Winter Sovereign)

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