The original culture of this character would be Myrorr so the gods of good referred to would be Karttikeya, Lakshmi, Surya, Ushas, Vishnu and Garuda. They may be re-incarnated anywhere however. In Aztlan, deva invokers are viewed as the highest caste, the most godlike of beings, making them both objects of adoration and the most powerful sacrifices.


This character is a one-off. Almost unique. The product of a polymorphed dragon (female) and male humanoid. No “culture” exists consisting of only (or even mostly) dragonborn. So ignore the dragonborn culture /attitude fluff and start from scratch. If you don’t want to grow up either in the company of a dragon or having things thrown at you, come from Sigil, the outer-planar metropolis. Still not recommended for ease of play but some folks like the dragons powers thing.


Character might originate from Midgard (viking dwarf, could be a grey-dwarf if you want), Geb (will be hairless, hard working, inventive), Myrror (could be either of the normal dwarves driven deep under ground or a true inhabitant of myrror, perhaps a worshiper of Tvashtri)


These are the more “down-to-earth” fey. They are slightly separated from humans in the mortal world by lifespan and history however in Midgard and Tir’nan’og they have become part of the existing pantheons and culture. So you have fey with a nordic or celtic bent. In corinthia elves are rarer and more primal, more elemental, living singularly in a grove or lake. In the feywild elves are the barbarians, the unfettered and uncultured.


Sparkly fey, alien and filled with magic. Other than the Feywild they are most common in Tir’non’og, which has numerous crossovers with the feywild.


Small creatures of the Feywild, they haven’t move far into Arcanus.


The stats for this race can be used but will not represent a singular culture as described, rather various large hybrid races such as the Midgard Troll-blooded, the ogre-kin of Tir’Nan’Og, the Half-Giants of Athas and the titan-spawn of Corinthia. These creatures have little original culture of their own.

Half-Elf and Half-Orc

“have no culture of their own and are not a numerous people”


It is rumored the little folk come from some idyllic corner of the Land of the Young. Halflings are less numerous and less common-place in this campaign due to the lack of appropriate cities. Perhaps a clan thieves in the cities of Corinthia.


Take as written in Players Handbook. Basically the dominant culture across the mortal world. Their ability to adapt has allowed them to survive and in differing environments, even as those locations change in rainfall, temperature etc.


In Midgard shifters are the tainted descendants of beast-ghoul hybrids that rebeled against the Wamphyri. In Tir’Nan’Og a shifter is likely to be a “warped one”, one of “blessed” bloodline possibly descended from shape-shifted druids or even infused by ritual. Aztlan shifters are descendants of the jaguar god.


Originating in the area now known as Corinthia and few in number, the tiefling are a infernal bloodline resulting from the empire of Archeron.


These are most likely the smaller versions of Marut, the divine implements of Law in the Old Kingdom (Myrror). Think Indian clockwork golems possessed by wind spirits, infused with law but given free will. Their appearance, mental state and interpretation of original instructions varies greatly.


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