Paladin (emphasis on damage dealing)

+Grey Guard



Clan- Es-Kalin

Temple- The ruin engraved ”...Domentius”

Homeland- Thunderspire

His uncle Agmire, who was responsible for his training left him on his own early. He believes he intended to return but was lost in the Thunderspire searching for ancient artifacts or perhaps a mate.

He has become infused with religious duty to Nemesis, the messenger of Justice. She is Retribution or Divine Vengeance, and the one who established the decree that transfers the soul from body to body. Therefore she is feared; but some artists, being persuaded that Nemesis manifests herself as a consequence of love, have depicted Nemesis with wings, as they do to Love.

This goddess is implacable to men of violence, but she is best known for deeply disliking the absence of moderation, and for being zealous in re-establishing order and proportion through the punishment of excesses of pride and undeserved happiness. Nemesis puts to sleep presumptuous boasting and checks offensive words, exacting a heavy penalty for them. Accordingly, those who, feeling the nearness of Fortune, abuse others, are sooner or later fated to meet Nemesis, when Fortune, who ignores constancy, has departed.


Transgression Kostchtchie